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GASP team up with CSH for the Medical School Sustainability Roadshow

Updated: Jan 17

We are two doctors from different specialties with a very similar goal; to share our collective knowledge and experience in making healthcare more sustainable. From an environmental and financial perspective, we are at an exciting time to make meaningful and effective change to the way healthcare is provided for and delivered. As clinicians of the future we understand that medical students have an integral role in this.

The current hierarchical structures that unfortunately prevail in hospitals act as a barrier to students getting involved in Sustainability Quality Improvement. Given the urgency in combating the climate crisis we cannot sit and wait for this up to date, enthusiastic, innovative group to 'blossom' into doctors. We need them on our team now!

We provide an engaging and wide-reaching programme focusing on enabling students to understand the increasing importance of sustainable values in healthcare, while providing them with the tools to implement change.

At bit about us...

Dr Jacob Krzanowski is a London based registrar in Psychiatry working on introducing sustainable practice into mental health care through his role as a Royal College of Psychiatry Sustainability Committee Member and associate for the Centre for Sustainable Health Care. Jacob has a wide-ranging teaching background and continue to work at the Institute of Psychiatry and Psychology and Neuroscience as a guest teacher.

Dr Jonny Groome is a London based Anaesthetic registrar and co -founder of GASP – Greener Anaesthesia & Sustainability Project. He currently sits on the Barts Health Sustainability & Development Management Plan committee. Jonny regularly engages in teaching through his work in medical simulation, ALS instructing and holds regular workshops on sustainability within the NHS. He has recently been engaging with various architecture, construction and health planning groups, looking at ways to build greener hospitals for the future.

Our program can be tailored to meet the needs of your students, be it through presentations, plenaries and workshops. If this is something that would appeal to your curriculum, please do get in touch. We are currently working with medical schools throughout the UK.

Email our Education and Development Manager Natasha Palipane for more details:


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