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In this section you will find information on projects that have been undertaken by or shared with GASP. We believe that in order to make a difference, sharing of ideas and learning from each other is essential.

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Barts Health PVC Recycling Scheme

Dr Stephen Wythe & Dr Jonny Groome

Anaesthetic Trainees Barts Health

Co-Founders of GASP

This is an ongoing project taking place across Barts Health NHS Trust. It involves the recycling of medical PVC in the form of anaesthetic masks, oxygen masks and oxygen tubing. The project has to date collected in excess of 500kg of PVC. This has gone on to be recycled into tree ties for the horticultural industry. Click on the icon below to find out more.



RecoMed is a PVC medical device recycling scheme operated by Axion, in partnership with the British Plastics Federation and funded by Vinyl Plus, the voluntary sustainable development programme of the European PVC industry.

Going Green @ Moorfields

Dr Manish Raval and Dr Lorna Gallagher (Anaesthetic Consultants)

Dr Jonny Groome (Anaesthetic Registrar)

At Moorfields Eye Hospital in central London we noticed that a lot of of the wrong waste was ending up in infectious clinical waste bins. We noticed that a considerable amount of recyclable waste ended up in the clinical waste bins primarily due to a lack of availability of recycling bins in theatre and a lack of knowledge on what goes where. We are engaging with Bywaters (waste contractor) and are getting more recycling bins around the hospital with a view to making a mixed recycling bin the default option for most waste. This will lead to cost savings within the trust and will have a positive environmental impact. We are complimenting this with an education drive throughout theatres.


We also saw that infectious clinical waste bags (orange) were being used for all clinical waste at a cost of around £400/tonne. The majority of waste that touches patients at Moorfields would be classed as offensive (yellow and black/tiger bins) and not infectious clinical. By changing the bin bags to tiger bins the trust will save around £200/tonne on an ongoing basis.

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Barts Health Waste Management Team - Exemplar Waste Compliance & Staff Behavioural Change Project

Neil Allen - Waste & Environmental Manager at Barts Health NHS Trust

Neil has worked very closely with GASP to educate us about the ins and outs of waste management and what happens behind the scenes when we dispose of things. It is thanks to him and his incredible team that we have had such success with the PVC recycling scheme. The teams work extends far beyond PVC recycling and last year they won a HSJ Award for their work on reducing bulk waste by repurposing and reusing discarded items such as furniture. The team have again made the finals for the HSJ awards. GASP co-founder Jonny Groome came to support Neil and the team when he delivered the below presentation for this years HSJ award final. This presentation demonstrates the incredible work that is taking place across the trust in reducing waste and saving money. We can all learn from the excellent work his team are doing. We wish them the best of luck in the up and coming HSJ Awards.


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Reducing the Environmental Impact of Anaesthetic Gases at Whipps Cross Hospital

Anaesthetic Trainees: James Hockridge, Hester Carter and Rajni Uddin

Our fantastic committee members at Whipps Cross University Hospital undertook a survey looking at the current usage of anaesthetic gases within the department. They matched up this data with actual usage to create a baseline for improvement. Through education campaigns and making Desflurane available on a sign out basis we hope to see a reduction in the departments carbon footprint from anaesthetic gases.


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Delivering Sustainable Eye Care Through Green Tinted Glasses

The Eye Treatment Center, Barts Health NHS Trust

Sudeshna Patra, Consultant Eye Surgeon & Network Director
Taurai Matare, Senior Nurse, Ophthalmology
ETC staff

The winners of the Green Ward competition for the project ‘Keeping Patients Awake and Safe for Surgery’ helped make a projected annual saving of £162K by reducing the number of patients undergoing a General Anaesthetic for cataract surgery. This was achieved through improved patient engagement and decision making.  The 6 week project saw 9 cases converted from GA to local anaesthesia. The team were also awarded a certificate for Creativity in Sustainable Healthcare for the beautiful decorations they crafted out of clean Theatre wraps. In addition, the competition saw the department replace all single use plastic cutlery and cups with greener alternatives and run an initiative to reduce interruptions to frontline clinical staff.






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