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Our Roots

Back in 2018 we were two anaesthetic trainees fed up with the clear impact our day to day work was having on the planet. Now we are a nationwide, non-profit, multidisciplinary movement made up healthcare professionals, students, managers and sustainability consultants working together to enact change.



It is time to take a step back. In order to enact our duty of care to our patients, we have to acknowledge and act on the duty of care we have to our planet. The time for change is now.


To act effectively we need to educate, collaborate and elevate the importance of sustainable practice.

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How can GASP help you?

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Reinforcing our Commitment

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Be the Change You Wish to See

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We are Here to Help You.

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“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”

Barack Obama

Up and Coming Events


Mitigation in the Healthcare Sector

14th January 2021 16:00-18:00

This webinar, hosted by the Lancet Countdown and the Yale School of Public Health Center on Climate Change and Health, is aimed at physicians and other health professionals from the UK, the USA, and around the world.

GASP Education Day at Stockport NHS Trust

19th January 2021 PM

An afternoon of talks on the Planetary Emergency, and the Impact of Healthcare on the Environment. Lean what you can do in your department to make a difference. If you would like us to visit your department click below.

 21 January 2021,  10am - 2pm

This course is an overview of the relationship between the health sector and the climate and ecological crises; How does the health system contribute to climate change? How can clinical practices become sustainable? 


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All references can be found by clicking on the hyperlinks (hover over the highlighted words). This should link you in to the relevant journal so you can access the article through your preferred method. 

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